embroidered house portrait

Embroidered House Portrait studio home

Celebrate your home

Custom house portrait! – How house proud are you?

Embroidered house portrait

A Custom made embroidered house portrait of your home is a really unique way to celebrate the time and love you’ve put into making your house a home.

Thousands of stitches build up an illustration of your family home and all the memories that come with it. A thoughtful gift for yourself to treasure forever. 

Embroidered art reflects well in the light and is very tactile. Quirky and perfect for the vintage lover with a character home renovated to perfection.

How it works

What size and style?

All prices are in NZD

  • Mostly Stitched
      • Small: The stitched area is up to A7 in size. $400.00
      • Medium: Stitched area up to A6. $500.00. 
      • Large: Stitched area up to A5. $600.00
      • Larger: Price on request
  • Outline stitch of the house (Mounting is Additional unless embroidery hoop is used)
      • Small: A7. $250.00
      • Medium: A6. $300.00
      • Large: A5. $350.00
      • Larger: Price on request

Commission space is limited so please enquire today to book space for your special project. 

Your piece is mounted onto board of your chosen size allowing you to choose the perfect frame for the perfect wall in your perfect house (professional framing is recommended). If no size is selected A4 will be assumed. You can also let me know you prefer landscape or portrait orientation and house location on the piece. If you have custom mounting requirements don’t hesitate to start that conversation. 


The embroidered image will be of the exterior of your house (Worked from photos you have supplied). No large items except for some trees and bushes will be embroidered (e.g. cars, boats, Unicorns). Unless these are important, then please let me know. Working with a front-on view of your home is preferred but you can be the director.

Optional: A painted splash of the perfect sky painted behind your home. Painted in a watercolour style. 

We will start with a conversation and when details are agreed on a non-refundable deposit of $100 will need to be paid before any designing takes place. Please contact me with the details of your commission. Before the piece is sent to you the final invoice needs to be paid in full. 

Commissions start at $400.00

In your confirmation email, expect to be asked for photos of your home to start the design process. You can supply a number of these to communicate the feel of your home and accurately show me the colours used. 

Your house is made to order.  Each home takes approximately 4 – 8 weeks to embroider. Shipping is $15 within NZ $30 the rest of the world. Free shipping within Hawke’s Bay.

Studio Scene House portrait
Example of Fully Stitched home with blue sky background. A4 Board. Homescene Journal
Stitched house portrait
Example of Stitched home
Example of fully stitched home with watercolour background. A4 board. Studio Home
Embroidered house outline
Example of outline stitched home
Stitched home commission
Example of Fully Stitched home with blue sky background. A4 Board
Example of fully Stitched home with painted sky. A4 Board
Art Deco Stitched home commission
Example of fully stitched home with watercolour background. A4 board.
Example of outline stitched home