Stitch Along: My Stitched Rainbow Day 16: Leaf Stitch

Leaf Stitch

Leaf Stitch

Leaf stitch is very similar to open fishbone stitch which I did as part of the last stitch. I actually think it’s possible I haven’t done this stitch correctly so I might need to revisit this stitch later. 

I think the choice between these stitches is really just a matter of personal preference. 

The instructions I’m following state the following. – I think you should seek out a visual set of instructions. 

‘Bring the thread up at the edge of your shape (the bottom of the leaf) and make a sloping stitch to the edge of the shape. Bring the stitch up near where you started on the other wise of the shape going down on the outside of the shape. Coming up again near where you started but further along down the shape then repeat.’

So yeah try getting those lengths even. Harder than you think. 

Here is a good article on how to do leaf stitch and variations