Stitch Along: My Stitched Rainbow Day 15: Fishbone Stitch

Fishbone stitch

Fishbone and open fishbone Stitch

Fishbone stitch is very close to Flat stitch we did for day 14. So I split this section into 2 and did open fishbone stitch as well to try something else out. 


‘This stitch is useful for filling small shapes. Make a small straight stitch along the centre line at the start of the shape. Make a sloping stitch across the central line at the base of the first stitch. ‘

I like this stitch and would be more likely to use it than flat stitch. I don’t like the open version as much. 

Here is a good article on how to do fishbone stitch

Fishbone stitch
open Fishbone stitch
You can see here I move from fishbone to open fish bone stitch. I also am using a new white 6 srand embroidery floss but it's basically cream. This won't matter as I plan to paint these stitches.