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Designer tea towel. Treat yourself to some environmentally friendly art for your kitchen. Admire it’s beauty then dry your hands on it.

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Designer tea towel – Fine art you can dry your dishes with.


Made for people who love the environment but don’t want to compromise on style. This dishcloth is a both practical and luxurious and just in case you can’t bear to use it as intended I’ve included double corner tabs so you can hang it on the wall instead. Instant art cred!


This is not a cheap and nasty dishrag, here are all the details:


  • Digitally printed in Germany by a U.S company using biodegradable inks.
  • Sewn in New Zealand: No child labor in sight.
  • Made from a blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton so it gets softer with use and washing.
  • When it’s natural life is over you can rip it up and put it in your compost. Even the tag is 100% cotton and biodegradable!
  • This kitchen towel is a generous 39 x 63 cm (15.4 x 25 Inches) perfect for flicking over your shoulder and channelling your inner Nadia.
  • Hand drawn then digitally coloured in Napier by New Zealand Artist, Ngaio Blackwood (me).


I remember dreaming of starting a T-Shirt design company full of witty slogans but now that I’m a little older and let’s pretend, wiser I‘ve moved to design tea towels. My lightbulb moment was being given two of my grandmother’s tea towels that she brought back from a trip to the UK and never used. My Mum passed them onto me when I was setting up my home (she didn’t use them either). I believe in practical and beautiful items that are cherished and shared. Going back in time I would tell my Grandmother to enjoy them during her lifetime but I am also eternally grateful that I get have them. I still check every op shop for full-colour linen or cotton tea towels in the style she loved and I’ve only been successful once. So I’m remedying the situation so we can all enjoy full-colour quality tea towels.


This design is all about Spring grass.

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year. Our grass starts to grow like crazy and I hate cutting it because I love those daisies! I start dreaming of picking homegrown cherry tomatoes and snow peas from my garden. I can hear someone mowing their lawns as I type this. Spring means that lovely heat of summer is coming. It fills me with hope after my winter hibernation. The curvy daisy stalks are laid out in a pattern inspired by Art Nouveau and William Morris patterns. 

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Postage and packaging

  • All packaging is compostable because I care about the environment as much as you do. 
  • I use heavy brown paper or a paper envelope and paper tape or glue to get your package safely to you.

All items are sent via NZ post with tracking on the Saturday after your purchase. If you require your item urgently please contact me to upgrade to courier this will incur an extra fee. Delivery within New Zealand should arrive in 3 working days of sending but if your item does not arrive within 12 days of notification of transit please contact me so I can follow up with NZ post.

Returns policy

You are covered by the NZ consumers Act 1993.  Please contact me within 30 days of receiving your item if it didn’t live up to your expectations and I’ll try and set it right.

Care instructions

For best results, I recommend washing with phosphate-free detergent in cool water using a gentle or delicate machine cycle.

Iron on the back, do not iron the tag.

When your tea towel has finished it’s life in your kitchen but you don’t have the facilities to compost please return it to me and it will be composted in my garden. Otherwise please rip up into small pieces and compost at home.


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