House Portrait

Embroidered House portrait: Commission

Stitched house portrait

My Embroidered house portrait. I stitched my home as a piece of art to hang on my own wall. It’s not very big but it’s mighty. I often reflect on how important it is to have a secure and healthy home. I feel very lucky and grateful to be in a situation where my home is safe, warm and meets all of our families needs. 

Stitching forces to you slow down and take your time with a piece. I also like how embroidery has a quirky nature. You often have to work with embroidery you can’t always force it to be perfect. 

If you’re interested in stitching and mindfulness you might like this post i read recently. Click here to read.

My stitched house portrait is perfectly imperfect. 

If you have a home that you love enough to record it in stitches. Get in touch.

Embroidery house close up
Embroidered house in hoop
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House portrait of a blue home
Embroidered House Portrait - Ngaio Blackwood - Commissions