Conversations in cloth: a New Zealand textile exhibition

X-Marks Conversations in cloth

X-Marks conversations in cloth exhibition flyer

Exhibition on until the 9th of December 2018

I was lucky that Cait from Fabricate Magazine thought of me and got in touch. I wouldn't have known about the exhibition otherwise.

Loving the idea of the show and have contributed a small sampler. See below.

 The exhibition


Conversations in cloth

  • Date: 9th September – 9th December 2018
  • Venue: Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi Exhibition Gallery

An exhibition of historical and contemporary New Zealand textiles.

X-Marks Conversations in Cloth, Jo torr
Artist Jo Torr for X-Marks - Conversations in Cloth exhibition

How I approached the project

I've always been intrigued by samplers and have wanted to do one of my own for so long. I let myself play with this piece not really worrying about the end result too much. That's the beauty of a sampler for me it's a working reference piece it doesn't need to be a finished art-work. So I let it be that.

x-marks conversations in cloth, ngaio blackwood sampler
My 2018 sampler for X-Marks - conversations in cloth exhibition.
x-marks conversation in cloth detail of ngaio blackwoods sampler
Detail of sampler by Ngaio Blackwood

Have you ever stitched a sampler? let me know below.


-Ngaio Blackwood